2018 Miami Dolphins: Offseason Changes & Gen. Expectations


Lisa B. | Jul 25, 2018

Great article Danny Tropical....well written and gives all Dolphin Fans a real insight into the coming season! Keep all Dolphin Fans informed in the weeks to come!

Michael Witham | Jul 25, 2018

Great article Danny! A ton of information and insight on the upcoming season. A lot of value here for a lot of people.

Mike "Puts Up Points" Rudolph | Jul 24, 2018

Thanks, Danny, I'll keep them on my radar.

Danny Tropical | Jul 24, 2018

Hi Mike-
Thanks for the question. At this point, I think the most reliable contributor outside of Tannehill will be Kenny Stills. He will be on the field for the majority of the snaps, and has shown ability to play both in the slot and outside. He has played with RT17 the longest so their chemistry will be strong. He is flying a bit under the radar at this point, and could be a mid round steal. Kenyan Drake would be my second call out. He played great the last five games of 2017, but this was a small sample size. He could continue to break out and be a star, or Gase could go to more of a running back by committee, which he has continually said he prefers but he has never really done. The Dolphins added two good running backs behind Drake, but I still expect he wil get the lions share of the snaps and will be at the very least a very good RB2 in fantasy, especially behind an improved o-line

Mike Rudolph | Jul 24, 2018

Great breakdown! Can't wait for the season to start.
I'm worried about the loss of Jarvis Landry to Cleveland, but Amendola is a great WR. He'll help fill the gap and provide some needed leadership.

Who's the must-have Dolphins player for my fantasy roster this year?

Love it Danny!! | Jul 24, 2018

Can’t wait for upcoming articles in the weeks to come!

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