R. Tannehill Probably Hasn’t Earned Your Respect, But Will


Big Mike | Sep 1, 2018

Couple sacks and a couple fumbles against Baltimore. Do you think Tannehill can rally the team for a week 1 win?

Danny | Aug 1, 2018

Yes absolutely. He's always been mobile and able to run, as evidenced by his two years playing receiver in college. In 2016 he had designed plays where he would run, or they ran some read option and he would take it. I'm expecting less of that this year, but he should absolutely be able to at the very least should be able to scramble out of the pocket to buy time. In 2016 he was also good on bootlegs and I think we'll see a lot of this. A lot of quarterbacks start to play their best football in their 30's and I don't think RT17 will be any different

Big Mike | Aug 1, 2018

I know he recently said he feels 25, but at 30, do you think Tannehill's leg has healed up enough to avoid the defensive lines that will be coming for him?
Gase and Tannehill should make a good team. I look forward to watching their games this year.

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