From time to time we ask our writers for a quick take on a subject of the editor's choice. This week's question:

After the NFL draft, which veteran facing a threat to job security are you most interested in buying?

LeSean McCoy

If I am a contending team, I’d be interested in buying LeSean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills. The offseason additions of Frank Gore, T.J. Yeldon and third-round rookie pick Devin Singletary means the Bills have made an effort to re-shape their approach to the position. The McCoy owner in your league is likely worried about his outlook for 2019 and beyond. The reason I am interested in buying him is for the potential of McCoy wearing a different uniform on opening day in 2019. Coming off a career-worst season in which the former Eagle finished as the PPR RB39, the 30-year-old runner does not seem a good fit with the young, rebuilding Bills. Was veteran Gore brought in as a one-year mentor to Singletary, knowing McCoy would likely not be around? Buffalo can save over $6 million against the salary cap with McCoy’s release, and he is in the final year of his contract. Perhaps a team that passed on adding a running back in the draft such as Kansas City, Indianapolis, Green Bay, or Houston could use a player of McCoy’s versatile skill set and proven track record as they make a Super Bowl push? I’m willing to roll the dice and find out, especially at a discounted price at this point in the offseason.
  - Jesse Patterson (@df_patterson)

Sony Michel

After taking Sony Michel in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Patriots spent a top-90 pick on Damien Harris (Alabama) in 2019. This has caused some to question Michel’s health. After all, why would the Patriots spend this amount of capital on a replaceable, low-value position? I’m looking at Harris as more of a Rex Burkhead replacement than Michel insurance. Since signing with New England, Burkhead has appeared in just 18/32 regular season games. If Michel were to miss time, Harris could be a solid fill-in, but Michel is undoubtedly the more dynamic back. I’d be throwing out feelers to see if the Michel owner in your league is starting to feel uneasy. 

  - Cody Kutzer (@CKutzerFF)

Mark Ingram

There appears to be a lot of concern over Mark Ingram now that the Baltimore Ravens have drafted Justice Hill. The concern is valid due to Hill's dual-threat ability, but overall this is helpful for Ingram. During games Alvin Kamara went out for a period of time with an injury and Ingram had to step up as the featured back, he appeared to lose steam and lacked the ability to carry a large workload without a dual threat compliment. He needs a back like Kamara to spell him now and then. Hill isn't on Kamara's level currently, but he landed in a perfect spot for both him and Ingram that could put both of these guys inside RB2 territory in 2019. 

  - Zack Patraw (@ffdynasty_ztp)

Todd Gurley

It’s not often you can get a discount on a top end talent. I’m all in on trying to acquire Todd Gurley with the fear of his knee killing his production. I believe the Rams doubled down on backing up Gurley by resigning Malcolm Brown and drafting Darrell Henderson to give Gurley regular and metered opportunities to manage any pain associated with arthritis. In this case, it will be addition by subtraction as Gurley may see fewer touches, but the touches should be better quality. 

  - Aaron Yakel (@yakeanbake)

Damien Williams

Some people might be surprised to see him on this list. However, there are many fans of Darwin Thompson (6th Round) and undrafted free agent James Williams. Thompson went 2.14 and Williams 4.02 in recent rookie drafts. I don't see either as a threat to D. Williams role in the offense. Most forget the Chiefs had only two running backs under contract this offseason and needed to add depth at the position behind D. Williams and Carlos Hyde. That's all I view Thompson and J. Williams, depth. 

  - Jason Thomas (@DHH_Skinman)