Continuing the series, I laid out my buys and sells for the AFC East in the first article. Let’s move to the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys

Buying: Michael Gallup - Before the arrival of Amari Cooper in Dallas, Gallup never saw more than five targets in a game. Once Gallup had Cooper to draw attention away from him, the Colorado State product surpassed five targets in five of eight games played (didn’t play Week 14). Entering his second year, Gallup should take another step forward after adjusting to the NFL. Using DLF’s Trade Finder, two of the most recent trades completed for Gallup were:

  • Gallup for Dion Lewis + 2020 3rd
  • Gallup for Jamison Crowder

If these are the norm, I’m going to have a lot of Gallup shares entering 2019.

Selling: Ezekiel Elliott - This is an easy one. He’s clearly the highest valued asset for the Cowboys and you can get a massive return for him. I would look to make a small tier drop to someone like Joe Mixon or Nick Chubb and still get something solid on top.

New York Giants

Buying: Golden Tate - This buy obviously applies mostly to contenders. If your team is in a rebuild, however, I might look to acquire Tate if he’s super cheap and flip him midseason for a profit. You need to be confident in your league’s trading activity to try and pull this maneuver, though. In 2018, the G-Men tied with Kansas City for the ninth most passing attempts with 583. Per Next Gen Stats, Eli Manning’s average intended air yard per pass was 7.2 yards, which is where Tate lives. Their defense looks to be awful again, making for a happy fantasy marriage.

Selling: Evan Engram - Using my logic for selling Elliott above, this answer should be Saquon Barkley, but he just may be untouchable, so I’m going with Engram. Maybe I’m just a hater, but I’ve never fully bought in with Engram. Currently coming off draft boards in the mid-fifth round, I’d be searching out the believer in my league. In terms of selling, I could see adding to Engram to get yourself one of the “Big Three” fantasy tight ends, or dropping down slightly and picking up an additional asset or two.

Philadelphia Eagles

Buying: Carson Wentz - It seems like everyone forgot just how good Wentz was when he was completely healthy two seasons ago. By all recent reports, he’s back to being fully healthy with no restrictions in OTAs. At his peak value (December 2017 per DLF), Wentz was going inside the fourth round at an average draft position of 41.75. Currently, he’s fallen outside of the top 90 picks. Buy him on the cheap before his value is on the rise.

Selling: Alshon Jeffery - I know the Eagles front office have been salary cap wizards recently, but that has to catch up at some point, right? Enter Mr. Jeffery. There’s a good chance Jeffery becomes a cap casualty next season when he’ll carry a dead cap hit of less  than $7 million, and at a minimum saves the Eagles over $9 million. He’ll turn 30 after the 2019 season and has played a full slate of games once in the past three years (2017). Sell while you can still get solid value.

Washington Redskins

Buying: Terry McLaurin - This is gross. Of the eight teams I’ve covered so far, this is the one I have the least conviction with. This suggestion is based purely off price (181 ADP, WR76) and the “Haskins and McLaurin will already have great chemistry!” narrative. I have nothing else to add here.

Selling: Derrius Guice - The state of Washington’s fantasy assets is truly troubling. After Guice comes off the board with at 36, his next teammate to be drafted is Kelvin Harmon at 129! You could trade guys like Jordan Reed and Adrian Peterson for whatever you can get, but Guice is the only one that will make a difference to your dynasty squad.

There you have it for the NFC East. Let me know what kind of deals you’re making with these guys by dropping a comment below or hitting me up on Twitter!