This is the 1st of quite a few rookie mock drafts we’ll be doing. We’ll try and switch up the formats and rounds to include different scoring systems. Mock 1.0 is just a simple PPR 1QB. Nothing fancy. The order is @Dhh_Matt, @NFLRobby, @DynastyInfidel, and @CommishMagriff. Give us a follow and tell us what you think! 

  1. @Dhh_Matt - Deandre Swift - As my consensus 1.01 all season this was an easy pick. Swift is about as talented an incoming rookie running back as you will find. As a freshman at Georgia, he was stealing touches from the likes of Sony Michel and Nick Chubb, and we know how at least one of those careers is turning out. Swift has elite vision behind the line of scrimmage allowing him to find the holes or bounce the ball quickly to the outside. He has the speed to take it the distance on any play. His one cut ability leaves defenders in the dirt wondering where he went. He also has the true pass catching chops that you want out of your running back. Swift is a complete three-down back that will make a splash as soon as he is drafted.
  1. @NFLRobby - JK Dobbins - Some say he doesn’t do anything at an elite level. I can’t get enough of Dobbins’ footwork. When this guy finds open turf, he is one stutter-step away from pay dirt. He shows good vision, pass-catching ability, and elite footwork. Dobbins is the type of back who will fit with almost any NFL offense. He is a Swiss-army knife who was one of only six FBS backs to gain 1,000 yards rushing and 20+ receptions with a 10 yards per catch average. Expect Dobbins to have a solid but not stellar combine and go on Day 2 of the NFL draft. If he lands with the Chiefs or Texans he might easily dethrone Swift for the top spot on dynasty rookie draft boards come May.
  1. @DynastyInfidel - Jonathon Taylor  -only concern to me is workload. That’s it. He’s an elite talent. Don’t tell me he can’t catch. He looked more than adequate this past season racking up 26/252/ 5 tds. Fun fact-Melvin Gordon went 22/228/4 tds in his CAREER at Wisconsin. He’s done ok at the next level. Taylor has elite power, speed, acceleration, balance, and most importantly vision. He’s got the best vision in this class of monster running backs. I’m always in a 3-4 year window to compete and Taylor will play his rookie year at 21 years old, so I’m not concerned about the workload.
  1. @CommishMagriff - CeeDee Lamb - Being able to take my WR1 at the 4 spot is an easy grab for me, especially not knowing landing spots yet. I highly considered taking Cam Akers here based on position scarcity but i had to go with my WR1 here. I don't imagine Lamb falling out of the top 10 picks in the NFL and for good reason.
  1. @Dhh_Matt - Jerry Jeudy - Going into the 2019 season Jeudy was the consensus WR1. Getting him at 1.05 speaks to the depth of this class. Jeudy is an elite route runner and has the traits to be a true number one receiver in the NFL. He has an innate ability to create separation for himself at the line of scrimmage. He also has the speed to create big plays and reliable hands that will make him a young quarterback’s best friend. No need to overthink this. If Jeudy is available at this pick in your rookie drafts smash the draft button and move on.
  1. @NFLRobby - Cam Akers - Don’t always judge a player by only looking at his college stats. That’s a saying right? Nothing is special about Cam’s statistical production due to an inept offensive system and a very pedestrian offensive line. Despite those limitations, Akers was able to showcase his speed and athleticism at an impressive 5’11”, 212lb. frame. It’s hard to judge his overall vision when running lanes were infrequent, but there is no denying he is elusive one he gets into space. His pass pro effort is there with overall awareness needing the most work. Upside comparison would be Mark Ingram with a downside comparison being Pierre Thomas. That’s 2009 Super Bowl champion and Saints leading rusher Pierre Thomas before you going slandering his good name. Before landing spots, Akers should be the last back of The Big Four taken before a tier drop to the next group of rushers.
  1. @DynastyInfidel - Laviska Shenault - Plays like a big running back once he gets the ball into his hands. He’s got some polishing up to do as far as his route tree and he’s got to be more durable, but when you watch him get the ball in his hands, if you don’t get excited, you’re dead inside. His value will be more attached to his landing spot than possibly any other player in rookie drafts. He needs to have manufactured touches in order to be productive. If you’re not giving him a few rushes a game, you’re wasting his talent. Disregard this entire paragraph if he gets drafted by the Jets.
  1. @CommishMagriff - Jalen Reager - Reagor has all of the intangibles to go along with his top tier speed and athleticism. He and Henry Ruggs both have elite speed, but Reagor has the ability to be an NFL teams WR1, where I think Ruggs is a better Will Fuller type role paired with a dominant WR like DeAndre Hopkins. Reagor had a down year statistically, but his ability hasn't gone anywhere.
  1. @Dhh_Matt - Clyde Edwards-Helaire - If there is a guy in this year’s rookie draft worth reaching for it is Clyde Edwards-Helaire. CEH has got incredible balance and a shiftiness to his running game allowing him to be a big play machine. His ability to shed tackles with a next level spin move and take it to the endzone was something that we got to see a lot during the college football playoffs and even against a team like Alabama midway through the season. Edwards-Helaire also has next level pass catching ability extending to the ball and even lining up split out wide and running routes. This is a pick in the back end of the first that could win a lot of teams a championship.
  1. @NFLRobby - Tee Higgins - If you’re an NFL team in this draft who needs a possession receiver, you should look no further than Higgins. At 6’4”, 215lb., Higgins projects to dominate at the X position with good length, great jump ball ability, and an incredible catch radius. He can immediately improve a team’s redzone weapon arsenal as he scored on every fifth catch at Clemson. Alshon Jeffrey comes to mind when thinking of his body control and sideline catch abilities. If his strength and route tree are enhanced at the NFL level, Higgins will turn into an elite player that pays major dividends for dynasty owners who select him on draft day.
  1. @DynastyInfidel - Henry Ruggs- Love me some speed! Ruggs may wind up being a better NFL player than a fantasy player because of what he can do for the entire offense around him. He’s got stupid speed and when he sees some space, he’s gone. My hope is he goes to a team as the number 2 wr and he can refine his skills, while not being depended on to catch 60 balls his rookie and sophomore season. He’s a guy who can have a Desean Jackson/Tyreek Hill like effect on an offense, which opens things up for everyone. He likely won’t make a big leap until his 3rd year or so, so that’s what puts a damper on his stock for me. Fire him up earlier if you’re in a best ball league!
  1. @CommishMagriff - Joe Burrow - Although this was a single QB mock, I’d have a real hard time passing on the Heisman winning, national championship winning, cigar smoking, football slinging, top pick in the NFL draft. I will admit that I actually like Tua Tagovailoa more than Burrow, but we play to win now, and even though Tua appears to be recovering quicker than expected, I’m taking Burrow ahead of him in drafts. Burrow should walk into the Bengals organization as the starter this fall, and I think he has enough weapons to make him a value asset early on. Stock up for Boyd, Mixon, Ross, and potentially AJ Green.