Mock Draft 2.0 is upon us! As I mentioned in our first Mock, we're going to be putting quite a few out with different formats. This mock is a SF/TE premium draft. 4 points for passing tds and 1.25 per reception for tight ends. Standard 1 ppr for everyone else. Feel free to give us feedback and tell us who we drafted too high, too low, or just omitted. A lot seems to change every week, as people get more film study in and the combine will bring about even more changes. DynastyInfidel, JeffriesRobby, Dynasty_DadFF, DHH_Matt all participated in this mock. Enjoy!

1.01@DynastyInfidel-Joe Burrow: The presumptive 1.01 in NFL and Superflex drafts this year is coming off one of the best seasons in College Football HISTORY. Tua was here for a lot of people before his injury (still is for some people), but I just don’t know how you pass on Burrow. When I look to draft a QB, I’m always looking at upside. Burrow can be a top 5 NFL and Fantasy QB. I think Tua may actually be safer, injury history aside, but Burrow has the high ceiling. I might look dumb in a few years saying this, but that’s ok. I’m locked in on Burrow at 1.01 and don’t see that changing.

1.02 @JeffriesRobby-D’Andre Swift: You won’t find many faults when looking at D’Andre Swift.The 21-year old Georgia running back has great contact balance reminiscent of last year’s David Montgomery to go along with a strong base to break through tackles. Swift is nimble on his feet and able to accelerate up to breakaway speed in a matter of seconds. He is a sound receiver out of the backfield, nabbing 73 receptions in three seasons as a Bulldog. To top it all off, his pass blocking fundamentals are sound. Swift will likely be the first tailback taken in the 2020 draft and should be in your fantasy drafts as well.

1.03 @Dynasty_DadFF-Tua Tagovailoa: Tua Tagovailoa is my clear cut QB2 in this class and would have been the odds on favorite for the 1.01 this time last year.  He may not have prototypical size but Tua’s accuracy and touch especially under pressure make him a special player.  Has success challenging all levels of the field with sound accuracy.  He is likely to go in the top 5 in the NFL draft and someone you will want to draft for your Superflex leagues.

1.04 @DHH_Matt-Ceedee Lamb: Lamb is my WR1 as of right now in this class. He is a receiver that has the explosiveness and speed to score from anywhere on the field. On more than one occasion when watching Oklahoma games, I watched him take a 5 yard screen or quick slant 60+ yards to the house. He also exhibits solid hands and route running that makes him the total package and worthy of being the first wide receiver off of the board.

1.05 @DynastyInfidel-Jonathon Taylor: Taylor’s only concern to me is workload. He’s an elite talent. Don’t tell me he can’t catch. He looked more than adequate this past season racking up 26/252/5 tds. Fun fact-Melvin Gordon went 22/228/4 tds in his CAREER at Wisconsin. He’s done ok at the next level. Taylor has elite power, speed, acceleration, balance, and most importantly vision. He’s got the best vision in this class of monster running backs. I’m always in a 3-4 year window to compete and Taylor will play his rookie year at 21 years old.

1.06 @JeffriesRobby-JK Dobbins: Find me a back who does everything really well; and I’ll raise you J.K. Dobbins. Some say that Dobbins has no elite trait. I would say that his footwork is some of the best in this class. His ability to plant and go, move laterally, cut back and change direction is extremely impressive. He puts defenders on skates with his stutter step in particular. Dobbins is a downhill runner that rarely gets tackled for a loss. With over 20 receptions in each of his three seasons, Dobbins is a complete back that every team will be coveting come late-April. Draft Dobbins with confidence as a back that can have a lot of success at the next level.

1.07 @Dynasty_DadFF-Jerry Jeudy is my WR2 for the class due to his elite route running ability.  On tape, his ability to run precise routes, mixed with his above average athleticism make him a nightmare for corners.  He can run the entire route tree and creates separation particularly in press coverage.  He is slight of frame at 6’1” 191lbs and can have concentration drops from time to time.  Jeudy is a consistent hands catcher, who has tremendous open field moves that should translate to plenty of yards after the catch.  He’s a great value at this pick given his potential ceiling. 

1.08 @DHH_Matt-Cam Akers: Akers is a once heralded freshman phenom, who, over the course of his college career, became a guy in devy leagues that you could essentially get for free. However, when you watch his tape, he has the makings of a true difference maker at the next level. While he is not a running back that will hit 80 yard home runs, he still has several skills that make can him a great back. He shows patience behind the line of scrimmage to find the hole and once he hits it is a powerful running downfield. Akers punishes defenders in the open field and shows great balance to take on multiple tackles. Do not be fooled by a dip in production! Get yourself a few shares of Akers while you can! As soon as he starts to run behind a capable line it will all be worth it many times over.

1.09 @DynastyInfidel-Justin Herbert: I wanted Akers. Almost took CEH. At the end of the day, it’s a Superflex draft, so I see this as an outstanding value. If Herbert goes to a team like the Chargers, who he’s constantly mocked too, he’s stepping into a situation where he has a ton of offensive skill around him. If Herbert goes to the Chargers, I think it’s realistic that he can be a fantasy QB1 in year 1. That will be tougher for Burrow with the Bengals and Tua with the Dolphins (assuming that happens). Herbert needs to be much more consistent with his accuracy, but he has the size, mobility, and football IQ to be a top qb in fantasy for years to come. If it goes down this way (it won’t), Herbert will likely move to my qb1 or qb2.

1.10 @JeffriesRobby-Jacob Eason: Eason is my QB3 in this draft pending good news on Tua’s medicals. He will present a huge value in the back end of the first round for Superflex leagues and it all starts with his frame. At 6’6”, 227 pounds, he tied for the tallest QB coming into the draft along with Justin Herbert. Eason looks calm in the pocket even when his blocking breaks down. His deep throw touch is something that pushes him above the rest of the quarterbacks after Burrow/Tua. Eason works through his progressions well and if there’s nothing out there, he is athletic enough to make things happen with his feet. With the right NFL landing spot, Eason will be an immediate upgrade to Superflex fantasy rosters this upcoming season.

1.11 @Dynasty_DadFF-Clyde Edwards-Hellaire : Edwards-Hellaire is the most gifted receiving back in this talented class.  His skill set is what modern offensive coordinators desire.  A running back who can run between the tackles but also beat you through the air.  He runs crisp routes, is a consistent hands catcher, while showing the ability to win in man coverage.  As a runner, he has good instincts on inside zones, utilizing his balance and explosive lower body.  Edwards-Hellaire mixed with a creative coordinator could wreak havoc in the NFL, making him a potential solid RB2 for years to come.

1.12 @DHH_Matt-Henry Ruggs: Over the last few weeks the argument in many fantasy circles has been Henry Ruggs vs. Jalen Reagor. My preference when it comes to this conversation is Henry Ruggs. If you like speed out of your wide receiver position, Ruggs is one of the best in this year's class. He is the Las Vegas betting favorite to run the fastest 40 yard dash time at the NFL combine. However, Ruggs is not just a one trick pony. Ruggs exhibits soft hands when hauling in passes and while his route running is not the best in the class, it is decent enough to create the needed separation from NFL corners. This, paired with his blazing speed and physicality downfield, will make Ruggs a 1st round selection come NFL draft time. To get him at the back end of the first round of rookie drafts is a steal.

2.01 @DynastyInfidel- Laviska Shenault Jr.: Plays like a big running back once he gets the ball into his hands. He’s got some polishing up to do as far as his route tree and he’s got to be more durable, but when you watch him get the ball in his hands, if you don’t get excited, you’re dead inside. Very good on contested catches. His value will be more attached to his landing spot than possibly any other player in rookie drafts. He needs to have manufactured touches in order to be productive. If you’re not giving him a few rushes a game, you’re wasting his talent. As I mentioned, the knock on him is durability, which will likely push him down NFL draft boards, but he has a very special skillset. If utilized correctly, he’s got high wr2 upside.

2.02 @JeffriesRobby-Albert O: There’s no consensus currently on a top tight end as we move towards the NFL Combine. I think that all changes once Albert Okwuegbunam finishes his workouts on Day 1 of the Combine. Okwuegbunam is an athlete that was stuck in an offensive system that left him grossly underutilized. Despite not even being a Top-50 tight end in terms of receiving yards in 2019, Okwuegbunam showed his natural pass catching ability and ball tracking when called upon. Against Memphis (2018) he showcased his abilities on this play. He has great size and has good technique when it comes to his routes. Give him time to develop at the next level and the fantasy rewards will be bountiful with Albert O.

2.03 @Dynasty_DadFF-Tee Higgins: Tee Higgins has prototypical X wide receiver size 6’4” 215 lbs with proactive athleticism.  He displays good body control, utilizing his size and frame, which should translate to red zone targets in the NFL.  Higgins did not run the full route tree in college but excelled in deep balls, which is evident in his 19.8 yards per catch in 2019.  In time I think he can become a more complete receiver but he will be drafted primarily as a field stretcher.

2.04 @DHH_Matt-Jake Fromm: While everyone is talking about the top quarterbacks of this class, there is one that I feel is being overlooked when it comes to the price that you can get him at. Enter Jake Fromm. Fromm is not the type of prospect that will impress you with his arm talent. When it comes to downfield throws and explosive plays Fromm is not the type of guy that will do this. What you do get with Fromm, however, is a leader. He shows phenomenal decision making, rarely, if ever, putting the ball into harm's way. He remains calm in the pocket and is aware of incoming pressure, knowing when to hit the check-down to avoid danger. Bottom line, Fromm is a game manager type of Quarterback, which isn't necessarily a bad thing; hello Tom Brady. In Superflex leagues QB’s reign king. If you can get a smart quarterback with the ability to lead a team in the middle of the 2nd round, you should be making that pick all day.

2.05 @DynastyInfidel-Justin Jefferson: I think Jefferson will be a much better NFL player than a fantasy player. He’s solid. Really solid. A big body who can do just about everything. Great at contested catches. Fantastic body control. He’s got a high football IQ and he always knows where the sticks are. His long speed isn’t great, but he’s got some juice. He’ll make his bones on intermediate routes because he’s a very good route runner. He’ll get you a ton of 1st downs and isn’t afraid to go across the middle and get hit. Doesn’t have the upside as some of the wide receivers taken ahead of him, because of long speed, but he’ll be a fantastic possession receiver at the next level. Upside is a high end wr2. Kind of reminds me of Tyler Boyd, but a little more physical. In retrospect, I may have taken Jalen Reagor, but I feel like Jefferson has a higher floor and is the safer pick. If you’re going for boom though, Reagor is the pick.

2.06 @JeffriesRobby-Ke’shawn Vaughn: I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. If there’s a Keshaun Vaughn hype train, I’m aiming to be the conductor by the end of the month. This class has big names like Swift, Taylor, Dobbins, Akers, and Edwards-Helaire, however you rarely hear about Vaughn. Vaughn is an absolute banger of a back for his 5’10”, 218 lb. size. He runs with good contact balance and it is nearly impossible to tackle him high. He shows decent burst ability to get to the edge if needed and great vision if running between the tackles. He was a really skilled pass-blocker at the college level and managed 28 receptions in his senior season. Vanderbilt split him wide on multiple sets show off his versatility as a receiver. He might not have the long-speed you want in an NFL back but he makes up for that with his high football IQ and all-around completeness as a back. Vaughn could be a rookie sleeper who makes a big impact in the 2020 season.

2.07 @Dynasty_DadFF-Jalen Reagor: Jalen Reagor is arguably the most explosive playmaker in this class.  He mixes tremendously elite game speed with play-making ability in the open field.  An early breakout age of 19 years old in his sophomore season, with an eye opening 38.9% market share, he excelled in 2018 for 72 receptions, over 1,000 yards and 9 touchdowns.  Enter 2019, his numbers were held back by below average quarterback play but he’s a play-maker who should find great success at the next level.

2.08 @DHH_Matt-Bryan Edwards: Going into last year Edwards was one of the top receivers to watch for heading into the 2020 NFL Draft. Flash forward to today and his stock has fallen off a little. On tape, though, Edwards is still the receiver that makes him a good target in the back end of the 2nd round. Edwards shows explosiveness and burst that allows him to get off of the line of scrimmage with ease. When it comes to route running, there are a few nuances to his game that make him effective. One of his strengths is his ability to quickly break off of his route at the right time to make a clean catch of the ball. While I don't believe that Edwards will be a solid WR1 for years, he has the capability to be a solid WR2 or 3 for your fantasy roster. Think of what Mohomad Sanu has been for the last few years. These guys are the perfect depth targets for your team in helping you win that championship.

2.09 @DynastyInfidel- Anthony McFarland: This kid has, as they say, JUICE. I’ve been a big McFarland fan ever since watching him break out last year against Indiana and Ohio State. He’s got elite speed, acceleration and wiggle. I almost want to throw away all of his 2019 tape because he dealt with a high ankle sprain through most of the season. McFarland has very good contact balance and soft hands to catch the ball. His big knock is going to be pass protection. He knows where to be…but he’s just not that good at it. If he can figure it out, McFarland has the ability to be an NFL rb1 with fantasy rb1 upside. If you see the Chiefs passing on running backs through day 2 and then they draft McFarland early on Day 4…start your engines on the hype train.

2.10 @JeffriesRobby-Brycen Hopkins: Hopkins gives Albert O. a run for his money in terms of most athletic tight end in the 2020 class. Hopkins has next level acceleration for his size and has some of the best high point ability I’ve seen this year when catching the ball. Hopkins gives you a lot of yards after the catch due to his elusiveness and quick transition from receiver to runner. Most of his routes are clean but he does tend to show less effort on some from time to time. A tight end who can make contested catches and break tackles is a tight end that will thrive at the next level. Brycen Hopkins is that guy.

2.11 @Dynasty_DadFF-Jordan Love: Jordan Love is a quarterback who checks all the boxes you want to see with size, strength and athleticism.  He can make all the throws, shows good pocket presence and has a gun slinger mentality.  Love needs to work on decision making, pre snap reads, and consistency.  Unlike the quarterbacks listed above, Love is not ready to jump right in and lead an NFL offense, but with grooming has a ceiling near the top.

2.12 @DHH_Matt-Brandon Aiyuk: When doing our mock draft, I told the guys that I was going to be taking a reach pick to throw some variety in the mix. Enter Brandon Aiyuk. My preference for the wide receiver position has been and will always be a smaller quicker wide receiver. This fits Aiyuk’s game to the mold. During his time at Arizona State, Aiyuk was a big play machine. His best plays come after he has the ball in his hands. Aiyuk is a twitchy athlete that shows quick feet and burst to evade tacklers. When it comes to the point of contact he shows the traits of a running back and is very physical at the tackle. There are several things that I need to see him do better in the coming months, though. Aiyuk does not have the best hands in the class, often body catching the ball. Aiyuk also struggles to defeat press coverage. However, if the right team drafts him and coaches him up, so to speak, Aiyuk has the chance to be the steal of the entire draft.